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    I am an AA flyer, not typically a UA one. However, kind of oddly, I will be flying UA twice over the next couple weeks. Tomorrow it will be SFO-IAH at like 7PM in F.

    Anyone know what the meal choices will be? I understand that UA will ask elites their choice first; is there any telling the odds what my likelihood of choice will be, or is it a total crapshoot?

    Also, we will be flying SFO-HNL-KSA in a few weeks in coach. I did this a few years ago and seem to recall being well-fed on the HNL-KSA leg. Is this still the case or has it changed since the UA takeover?

    Finally, we have decided to spend the night at IAH rather than get a hotel for 6 hours between flights. Am I completely insane?? Is anything open overnight there?

    Tips, sympathy, etc. appreciated ;)
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    I've done that... several times. There's been a few times where i've arrived to my hotel (took a taxi because it was so late) and then sleep 1-2 hours before taking the shuttle back. It was not worth the $$$.

    From my experience, even on light nights, there are people all over the place. I usually cozy up on the chairs and nap there but I see people with blankets + pillows on the floor at IAH. The workers are good with not disturbing those people that are sleeping too which is nice of them.

    Unfortunately, there doesn't seem like there's anything open. Your gonna have to stock up before they close and/or arrive at IAH.
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