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  1. Got this email earlier. I don't qualify, but I'm sure some folks here do:

    Hi Jonathan,
    I'm writing to you because I think you may qualify for an upcoming paid research study we are conducting.

    This is a paid research study ONLY. You will NOT be sold anything and your participation is strictly confidential.

    Study Details

    We are looking to speak with a very elite class of travelers who fly commercial airlines at least once a week and are members of a frequent flyer program that is by invitation only. It is a level that is so secretive that it’s not advertised but if you are a member, you will most definitely know the name of the program.
    If you are a member of American, United or Continental Airlines most prestigious status level of frequent flyer program, we would like to speak with you. We will have to ask you a few questions to see if you qualify and then run your name to verify that you are indeed a member of these exclusive programs.
    We are looking to do one hour telephone interviews and we will send you a check for $300 as a thank you for your participation. We understand that your spare time is limited so we will work with you on scheduling an appointment that fits your busy schedule.
    If you feel that you would not qualify but know someone else who may, please pass this information onto them.

    Please contact Mr. Matt Schuchman at:
    718 222 5600, Ext. 210
    Toll free – 877 361 2517, Ext 210
    E-mail – mschuchman<at>
    Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

    **Please understand that you are receiving this e-mail because you are registered in our database to receive e-mails and most likely participated in previous research studies with us. RRU has been conducting qualitative paid research studies for the past 35 years. The only reason we are now or will ever contact you is to offer you a chance to participate in a PAID research study. We are strictly a researcher and will never sell or market ANYTHING to you. This e-mail is not spam and we extremely regret if we have offended you with it. We only only ask that you please follow the "Unsubscribe" instructions below and we will make sure of it.


    Matthew Schuchman
    Research Associate
    Recruiting Resources LLC.
    718-222-5600 Ext. 210
    Toll Free at 877-361-2517 Ext. 210
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  2. I probably would have deleted it without reading. But maybe someone will find out how legit it is
  3. I've done focus groups for these guys before, so I can vouch for them as being legit. If you qualify, it seems like a pretty good deal.
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  4. It's probably not a bad idea to redact the researcher's contact information from your post.
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  5. Actually I believe it's in the interest of both parties to have it there. The recruiter is looking for qualified candidates, and the folks here are clearly the intended audience (I don't qualify). There wouldn't be much point to posting it in the first place without the ability for people to take advantage of it.
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  6. Hey everyone,

    I am actually the recruiter mentioned in the email. Actually, I came to Milepoint a week ago and tried to contact a moderator to make sure it was okay I post the information on my own, but never heard back.
    I can assure everyone we are a legit Marketing Research film that has been in business for over 35 years now. But I will leave it at that. Those who want to contact me will and those who won't; won't. Either way, I thank everyone for any assistance they may provide.

    Edit: Actually, the person I tried to contact who I thought was a moderator did write me back. I did not receive notification of his response and missed it.

    Double Edit: So I don't waste anyone's time that is interested, right now the only spots I have left are for American Concierge Key members and United Global Services members.
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    It's good to see your comments Mr. Schuchman (and Jonathan), for a crazy reason, perhaps. A twisted mind - or just a competitive one - might hatch an idea like this to learn a lot about super-secret frequent customer programs.

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  8. I know what you mean. It is hard a lot of times when we do have to go searching for people for something that is not about normal everyday products. I understand peoples apprehension thinking that we may be selling something or trolling for information, which Is why I do whatever I can to give people as much information as possible. Normally I would also try to add links to my companies website so they can see that we have been in business for over 35 years and see who we are, but I know people are quick not to click on a link for fear it is a scam, so I have to pick and choose how I approach people.
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    Matthew, perhaps it would be prudent to go directly into the AA and UA forums and link them back here, since that is really your target segment.
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  10. Yeah, we attempted it but it failed. With those two programs being so exclusive, the minute I really try to get into it, it really falls apart. The problem is, they company that holds the official groups keeps the client name a secret even from me, so it is obvious this is a specific airline that is trying to see what people do or do not like about certain programs, so they can try and build a better one. Otherwise I would have at least gotten a list of members to try and contact.

    As of now it looks though like the client is happy to deal with the few people I were able to get. If someone calls me or contacts me and wants to still do it, I'll squeeze them in, otherwise I now have to find people for a Hummus study which will be a lot easier to fill.
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    I believe the suggestion was to post to the UA and AA forums within MilePoint, here and here, respectively.
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    Yes, thanks for clarifying, misman

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