Flying the less-friendly skies (LA Times)

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    Good story tweeted by the author and retweeted by FT. From the point of view of a stewardess. Heartwarming by the end, I like the two shrimp bit – I guess I think of Jerry Seinfeld for some reason but it could be anyone.

    Flying the less-friendly skies,0,5570368.story
    Air travel is more challenging since 9/11, but for every complaining passenger, there's a planeload of interesting people.

    Long ago — I'm talking in the 1960s — "stewardesses" were taught how to walk up stairs in heels and how to blow out a match after lighting a passenger's cigarette. They were issued pillbox hats and little white gloves. Their glamour was a big part of the allure of airline travel.

    But when passengers reminisce about those good old days, I remind them that barely anyone could afford to fly then, and then I might point out a colleague and say, "Remember the stewardesses back then, the ones in hot pants and go-go boots? Well, there's one right over there. Still flying."
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