Flying into Madrid in two weeks, through PHL, which lounges are available?

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    So, I cashed in a couple of points, bought the wife and I a flight to Madrid, it's going through Philly. As a US Airways Gold on a flight that is international, which clubs are available at this time? I *think* I see there are 3 US airways clubs in Philly:
    US Airways Club
    B/C concourse - third floor, between B and C concourses

    US Airways Club
    Concourse F - terminal F, level 2 over the food court

    US Airways Club
    Concourse A west (A west terminal)
    Mezzanine level, between gates A15 and A16

    and then there is one AA Admirals lounge:
    Airside, Terminal A West. After clearing security at the Terminal A East checkpoint, turn right and proceed to the BA Galleries Lounge on the right (less than a minute's walk)

    In Madrid, there is no US Airways Lounge, nor Star Alliance Lounge, but I do see an AA lounge:
    Terminal 4 Satellite (T4S)

    Any ideas on which I have access to? I would think an International and as a Gold, all of these either due to it being international, being Gold, or through the AA/ US Airways merger.


    Lastly, can I bring my wife in, or would that be where I need to purchase a additional pass?

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    This string may provide you with some useful information:

    Enjoy MAD!
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    International flights leave from A West so don't bother with other terminals at PHL for a US lounge (too long to walk and not worth it)
    I don't know the access rules someone else can address but I've use both the BA lounge for intl flights and US lounge in PHL for some US domestic flights
    The BA lounge is small (very) in compared to the US lounge which is about 10x the size. it seats just the number of club world pax on one side and BA first on the other
    The US lounge's idea of food during my visit was olives and bags of snacks but it was very comfortable with lots of seating
    The BA lounge has a better selection of food and wine- there are two BA flights each day -6pm and 10pm generally. There is a lovely buffet and to order dinner served by for BA pax only I believe

    Personally, I tend to prefer to walk past Gate A17 to the Philly local bar Chickie & Pete's for a drink, sports and their famous crab fries. There is also a Vino Volo that is nice.

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