Flying Blue Buy Miles Offer - Worth It?

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    OK, I'm new to all this and wet behind the ears. However, I just got an e-mail from Flying Blue offering KLM or Air France miles with up to 40% bonus for the following conditions:

    Buy 2,000 – 8,000 Miles = No Bonus -
    Buy 10,000 – 18,000 Miles = 10% Bonus
    Buy 20,000 – 28,000 Miles = 20% Bonus
    Buy 30,000 – 38,000 Miles = 30% Bonus
    Buy 40,000 Miles = 40% Bonus

    Roughly 53EUR for 2000, 260EUR for 10000, 750EUR for 30000, 1000EUR for 40000 (you can choose anything in between)

    So, does this seem good value to you? At the higher end it's less than 2 Eurocent per mile.
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    I assume that these are entirely redeemable miles, not status miles. A general rule is to avoid buying miles unless you have a specific plan to use them and can get award availability. In many cases, this makes the most sense when used to top off an account for a specific aspirational award ticket.

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