Florence, the city of Flowers

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  1. I am so excited to hear this. Mayor Renzi has pushed to have Florence display an array of flowers at every entrance to the city. As I am a lover of flowers, this probably will be a new energy I will enjoy the most to experience. Renzi plans on setting up flower beds at 10 entrances to the city. Operation Spring or as he calls it the “botanical invasion”, will hopefully bring new life to the city. As there are cars that pass or the people who dirty the city, let’s hope some flowers will welcome people to this city with a new found energy. It is true that some people think Florence is incredibly dirty, especially ones who live in the city center, but really I think it has cleaned up quite a bit in these past few years. Yes, there will always be the annoying and obnoxious students that seem to ruin the flare and glamour that is Florence with their binge drinking. But aside from that, there are many beauties of the city where many people look past. The flowers will for sure, in my opinion, give Florence a brand new face. Florence means “flowering in bloom” and what better way to express the origin of its name with a display of flowers. [​IMG]
    The flowers beds will be set in place at these locations: Piazza Stazione; Piazza Alberti; Largo Renato Cappugi; Viadotto Marco Polo-Lungarno Dalla Chiesa; Viadotto Marco Polo-Viale Europa; the roundabout at Ponte a Ema; Viale Piombino-Viale Etruria; Via Pistoiese; Florence’s Vespucci airport; and Via Sestese.
    “May Florence again be the city of flowers”, exclaimed Renzi.
    Flowers to awaken the city's beauty to passersby

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