Flight Times Change; My fault?

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    I have two separate tickets this Christmas season. I am flying out to Providence for Christmas with my family. I have a 6am flight back to Chicago, landing at 7:30am. I then have a 10:45 flight to Maui (through LAX) to celebrate Christmas with my wife's family. I just get an email saying the schedule flights for PVD-ORD times had change and I need to confirm them online. They only changed 1 minute so they do not affect me (knock on wood) but it got me thinking...

    What if the times changed more drastically and I would not arrive in time for my Maui ticketed flights. Who's fault is that? Mine? The airline? Even though I bought the discounted fare, would the airline (U.S. Air) let me adjust my ticket since they adjusted the schedule? I have to imagine that these sorts of things happen pretty frequently right? Does it vary from airline to airline?
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    Because they are two separate tickets you carry the responsibility. If an additional time change means you cannot make the second flight it is all on you and the airline will not help you there (or has no obligations to do so). That is the risk of two separate tickets.

    If both reservations were on one ticket, then it would be the airline responsibility to find a solution (which means accommodating different times and flights). The level of flexibility depends on how proficient is the airline representative and how much you going to insist on a solution. When calling having your preferred solution is always a good place to start (of course you need to know there are seats available on it).
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