Flier gets off at wrong airport, crew clueless

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    Just days after a Kingfisher Airlines staff misbehaved with a visually impaired executive at Patna airport, the security staff of the same airline goofed up when a foreigner bound for Delhi was allowed to disembark at Patna on Monday.

    The carrier's GM (security) Leslie Missal has rushed to regional headquarters Kolkata to enquire into the matter.

    Ironically, Kingfisher Airlines' GM (airports) Mitul Sharma was on the same flight to investigate a discrimination complaint filed by Kolkata-based executive Md Asif Iqbal with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) at the airport on May 30.

    According to sources at Patna airport, when Flight IT-3347 touched down at Jayprakash Narayan Airport around 8am, the cabin crew and the airline security staff did not realise that an additional passenger had got off. The cabin crew had not done a head count, neither did they check the boarding passes of passengers at the disembarkation gate, say sources.

    Brazilian Wallan Santos De Menezez, who had boarded the plane at Ranchi and was bound for Delhi, probably wasn't aware that it was a hopping flight and got off at Patna thinking he had arrived in Delhi. It was only after he was near the terminal exit that he realized the mistake.

    The cabin staff also belatedly realized that a passenger was missing and informed the ground staff. Realizing that a major security breach had happened, they called Menezez's contact number but it belonged to a friend of his based in Delhi.

    By then, Menezez had contacted the airline office. Relieved, the airline staff escorted him into the check-in area, got a manual boarding pass issued and rushed him to the aircraft. The plane finally took off after a 12-minute delay. The incident was reported to DGCA and the airline is conducting an internal probe.
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