FL Program End Date?

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    Given that WN is slowly assuming FL's operations but hasn't yet announced a "last flight date" for FL yet, are there any good rumors or conjecture on how long FL's operations will last?

    Here's why I ask: I fly FL a lot out of ATL right now. I fly WN very infrequently, primarily if I need to go between MCI and STL, or if I need an absolute last-minute ticket AUS-DAL (and it's less expensive than last-minute AUS-DFW).

    Between WN and FL, all of my activity goes to FL credits (either earned on FL or transferred in from WN) - I have no desire to redeem award travel on WN, but am considering award travel to Aruba on FL so the FL credits are more valuable to me.

    That said, I'd also consider accruing the 100 credits necessary for the FL CP... if I thought that we were close enough to a point that the FL CP would simply become a combined FL+WN CP. Since you can book shared itineraries right now (so as long as I find it on the FL site it's "companionable") this is close, but I'd love to wait until the date it would simply roll into a single, combined program/companion pass and pull the trigger then.

    Thoughts? I can be a patient man... just trying to figure out how patient I think I need to be in terms of a single, combined airline and program.

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