Five Different Airlines YYZ-SEA-GEG-DEN-BOS-YTZ part 9

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    The FAs had a basket with various snacks which included chips, nuts, and vegie blue chips. I opted for the blue chips considering this is JetBlue and my husband got the mixed nuts. We were offered the can and snacks. While during the service a pilot decided he wanted to come out of the cockpit. So service stopped while one FA stood guard and the other talked to the pilot and got him something to snack on. This happened about twice in the flight and disrupted service. My husband asked for more nuts but the FA told him to wait. It seemed she was standing guard while the pilot got his snack and went to the washroom. It was kind of annoying, but I guess when in Rome. The FA gave us 2 more packets of mixed nuts which was appreciated.
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    The rest of the flight was spent watching satellite TV which passed the time quickly. Before I knew it the sun set and we were on approach to BOS. The tailwind was strong and we actually arrived nearly on-time. The landing was one of the most bumpy I had experienced. Very windy and bumpy. Finally we landed at Terminal C for JetBlue. It was nice and clean and we caught the FREE Silver Line bus under the Big Dig to our hotel, the BOS Intercontinental.
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    It was a fantastic hotel! We especially loved the Agraria amenities and the club lounge. The people were always friendly. Especially in the club.
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