Five Different Airlines YYZ-SEA-GEG-DEN-BOS-YTZ part 8

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    December 30, 2012
    JetBlue 494
    Airbus 320
    DEN – BOS
    Dep 12:10
    Actual Dep: 13:02
    Capture21_4_28 by canadense
    Finally we got to our gate and we were excited as this was our first flight on JetBlue. I always like to fly on different airlines. Unfortunately, our flight was delayed as there seemed to be strong headwinds for the incoming flight which came from BOS. Though, it is bad for the incoming flight, the gate agent said that our flight will experience abnormal tailwinds that might actually get us in on time even though we are about an hour delay.
    IMG-20121230-00152 by canadense
    We waited to board and the agents kept us informed. Finally, it was time to board. It was a mad house. The plane was delayed and everyone rushed the line. Of course the announcements were made that only JetBlue fliers and those who purchased the Even More Space were boarding, but that didn’t heed off the gate lice. We purchased Even More Space for a small fee and our seats were seats were seats 2D and 2E. We were basically elbowing our way to get on the plane even though we were supposed to be the only ones boarding. I wish all gate agents were created equal in denying those passengers boarding when it isn’t their turn.
    Leg Space in seat 2E:
    IMG-20121230-00160 by canadense
    Pushback and saw an AA 767 in DEN:
    IMG-20121230-00161 by canadense
    IMG-20121230-00156 by canadense
    The seats we had were great seats and at the front of the plane with plenty of space. With a little shoving and moving of coats and jackets in the overhead bin we got to put carryons in the overhead bin. We had tons of space. The crew on board were very, well…. Not really genuine on the hospitality and just going through the motions. No smiles, but just doing what they have to do. Sit down, close the bins, buckle up and no small talk. We took off about an hour late. Once we reached 10k drinks and snacks were served. Everyone switched on their PTVs and chose from the many live TV channels that were available. Although, I think half the plane was watching football which seems to be an American tradition. This flight didn’t disappoint on the loud neighbours from behind either. This time it was the seniors turn to scream, cheer, and clap at everything. (I assumed they were watching football too). Oh and don’t forget the grabbing of my seat to leverage themselves out of their seat to get up…arggh. I was dozing on and off and just when I seemed to get to sleep, WHOOOHOOOO! CLAP, CLAP, CLAP!

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