Five Different Airlines YYZ-SEA-GEG-DEN-BOS-YTZ part 6

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    Xmas 2012 and NYE Idaho and BOS 080 by canadense
    The flight began to fill. Seems like most were going back home. Most were sleeping because of the early departure, however not the 2 university girls who were going back to university. From what I understood (at high decibel) was that they may have gone to high school together and were going back to school. Oh they talked and yapped the whole flight preventing sleep for anyone in an earshot. Lots of high pitched SSSSSSSS and “like” and “OMG”. So annoying. Argh.
    Looking out the windows. We had 2 windows due to there being no window seat.
    IMG-20121230-00138 by canadense
    WN on the winglet:
    IMG-20121230-00136 by canadense
    Legroom, would I really want to fly across the continent with this much legroom? Not sure the trip to BUF would be worth it (and no PTV).
    Xmas 2012 and NYE Idaho and BOS 081 by canadense
    The captain did proclaim that we would be early but I guess his prediction went haywire somewhere as we weren’t early at all though we did land around schedule. This was my first time at DEN and the view out our window was the flat part. The other side was mountainous. It was a beautiful blue sky but cold day in DEN. DEN seems a nice airport and easy to get around, but still a little bland. There was a hangar still with Continental logo. The day was great for plane watching and we did cross over the bridge to the main point to see if we could see the white peaks, but we didn’t want to go through security again. The bridge was steep and while we crossed it we saw a Frontier plane push back and approach the bridge. I thought for sure it was going to do a U-turn but to my surprise it went right under us! I didn’t expect that at all. It is something that is trivial but to me it was totally unexpected and awesome at the same time. We continued to plane spot but nothing too out of the ordinary. Frontier has lots coming and going.
    Continental hangar:
    IMG-20121230-00141 by canadense

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