Five Different Airlines YYZ-SEA-GEG-DEN-BOS-YTZ part 5

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    Flight #3
    December 30, 2012
    WN flight 2616
    Spokane Intl (KGEG)
    Gate A13
    Denver Intl (KDEN)
    Gate C46
    Actual: 06:19AM PST
    Actual: 09:11AM MST
    06:10AM PST
    08:55AM MST
    Duration: 1 hour 52 minutes

    Capture21_4_50 by canadense
    Capture10_33_2 by canadense
    This flight was pretty uneventful, but this was the first time I flew with Southwest so I wasn’t fully in the know about their boarding process. I knew that they didn’t have seat assignments but surely there had to be a way (their way) of boarding the plane in a civil manner. I also gave us a buffer of just under 3 hours layover time in DEN to catch our Jetblue flight.
    We printed our passes online the day before and had paid the extra $10 to get the early bird checkin which meant that we got A21 and A22 to board. So being the keener, I knew there had to be a better seat on the plane. Luckily, SeatGuru left me with the knowledge that row 11 is the only 2 seater on the plane, everything else was 3 seats across. I try to go out of my way to fly on routes that only have the option with 2 seats versus 3. I learned my lesson on completely trusting SeatGuru when I learned that the row behind the one we booked was 2 seats. We got stuck sharing the window seat with a girl from Saskatchewan on her way home from Indonesia when we flew CDG-YYZ on AF. Not pleasant on the olfactory.
    We went through the TSA no problems and went to our gate. I noticed that there were large metal poles with numbers on them all in a row with Screens hanging above the first group. On one side of the poles all the A numbers lined up then B on the other and C. Of course it being so early all 20 people ahead of me boarded when called. I didn’t know what was going on and didn’t want to rush the boarding. So after 3 calls for A I was nudged forward. Most of the people that were boarded knew where they wanted to sit, and that was at the front of the plane to be the first off. Others chose the emergency exit. Luckily no one grabbed the exit row with 2 seats! We darted for them and made it! They seemed to be ok but a little cramped. Not sure I could fly cross continent with them. I wonder how BUF to LAS would be?
    Our plane to DEN:
    IMG-20121230-00132 by canadense
    Looking back:
    Xmas 2012 and NYE Idaho and BOS 080 by canadense
    The flight began to fill. Seems like most were going back home. Most were sleeping because of the early departure, however not the 2 university girls who were going back to university. From what I understood (at high decibel) was that they may have gone to high school together and were going back to school. Oh they talked and yapped the whole flight preventing sleep for anyone in an earshot. Lots of high pitched SSSSSSSS and “like” and “OMG”. So annoying. Argh.
    Looking out the windows.

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