Five Different Airlines YYZ-SEA-GEG-DEN-BOS-YTZ part 4

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    Flight #2
    December 23, 2012 (well Dec 24)
    AS 698
    ACT DEP 12:34AM PST
    ACT ARR 01:20AM PST
    11:00PM PST

    11:36PM PST

    Boeing 737-400

    Seat 15B 15C

    Finally it was time to depart our 46 minute flight to GEG. After being delayed it definitely was good to start boarding. The way AS boards is interesting as they kind of coerce people to check-in their bags at the gate and reward them with letting them board first. Then, those people who weren’t going to put anything in the overhead bins could board first and those who planned on using them were going to board last. We waited and luckily we did end up having overhead space, actually i think everyone did. So while not a fan of the totalitarian gate agents and FA, it did give us the overhead bin space. Though, definitely not the classiest.
    We were ingenuously rushed welcomed on board. Meaning that we the words were there but the sincerity wasn’t. We found our seats and all I can say is thank goodness that this is only a 46 minute flight. I don’t think I could do longhaul with AS. After coming off an AC flight with comfy seats regardless of exit row, the width of AS seemed to be narrow and uncomfortable. The legroom was a bit cramped. No wonder the larger heavyset people were sitting up in the extra comfort space. Nevermind, the fare was cheap and the flight short.
    Leg space:
    IMG-20121224-00063 by canadense
    Upon landing at GEG there was snow everywhere and it looks like they just finished ploughing the runway and gate. I didn’t have easy access to my camera!
    Finally time to enjoy the holidays!

    After the holidays it was time to trek our way back home with a stop in BOS to celebrate the New Year. We had never been to BOS but wanted to get away this New Year to change things up. While we wanted to get to BOS on an airline that let us acquire the right points in the right alliance, we also wanted to spend the least money. Search after search gave us high fares or flight times that weren’t wanted. So I went over to JetBlue to see if they had any decent times and prices from cities around GEG. Cities like SEA, PDX, SFO, etc..west coast cities.
    I plugged in DEN to see if they had a decent departure time and they did. There was a flight at 12:30 which was affordable. The next question was, “How were we going to get to DEN?” Well good thing Southwest serves that route. Though not always cheaper WN had a good price for GEG-DEN nonstop. Which leads us to:


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