Five Different Airlines YYZ-SEA-GEG-DEN-BOS-YTZ part 3

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    AC 541 SEA by canadense
    After taxiing across the GTA we took off on runway 23, to the southwest, i believe. We had views of Mississauga and then clouds. The FAs started their service for purchasing sandwiches and such then beverage service began along with snacks. I didn’t manage to snap picture of the snacks. The FA gave me the whole can of club soda and my husband diet coke. We tried to find some shows to watch but almost everything seemed uninteresting or I had seen. We settled on ParaNorman. Also, we were thankful to have USB plugs in the seat so we could charge our phones!
    Take off:
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    This is the 3rd time I have taken this flight and always find it a nice ride. I like the 2 and 2 seating, but the only complaint I have is that there is only 1 bathroom for use! It gets so disgusting but the FA did straighten it up. Though, if there is a line up you have to do some odd manoeuvring to get in and around other passengers.
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    We finally landed in a very rainy Seattle at 8:08 and pulled into the N satellite terminal. No chance of making the 8 pm flight to GEG but we to the train over to the C gates to see if we could get on the 9pm flight to GEG but a previous flight had been cancelled and there was a standby list already going and I didn’t want to lose my place with the 11pm flight. So we decided to go and grab a bite to eat and coffee and enjoy the newer part of the terminal and watch and hear the flights take off. I always have liked the SEA airport. It is always busy especially this time of night with all the red-eyes out east. Not to mention the free wifi. Turns out our flight was delayed because of a snowstorm in GEG! Who knew? I wasn’t even warned of the weather through an app I had.

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