Five Different Airlines YYZ-SEA-GEG-DEN-BOS-YTZ part 11

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    There is no first class on Porter but every seat has a great amount of space. The boarding door was closed and pushback was quick. We taxied past a VA flight that just landed, I am assuming from LHR.
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    It was a quick rotate into the air heading north then to the west. Service started immediately after 10k feet. Beverages were offered along with free wine and beer you don’t get on American carriers. I had a club soda and it was served in a real glass! We then were offered a meal box which had a sandwich and macaroni salad. Other options included nuts, chips and other snacks. Beverages were offered again and the whole can was given. The overall flight was full and uneventful .
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    The seats were comfy and plenty of room. The interesting part came when landing. We pulled below the clouds and the light of the sprawl could be seen along with snow. It was an interesting sight as we hovered above the freezing Lake Ontario and horizontal snow was hitting the propellers and the high beams. I haven’t landed in a snow storm in a while but quickly remembered how exhilarating it was.
    Snow and Propellers:
    IMG-20130102-00233 by canadense
    IMG-20130102-00230 by canadense
    IMG-20130102-00235 by canadense
    We landed safely and pulled to our gate and deplaned with a quick pic and cleared customs and caught the free shuttle to catch the subway home. I always love flying into downtown YTZ as it is easier to get home on the subway versus flying into YYZ and having to bus it to the subway.

    Overall, this trip was great with carry-ons. I would have done it with checked luggage or would have given more time for connecting. I got to fly on 5 different flights and 4 different aircraft. Most comfiest would have to be a tossup between AC and Porter, followed by JetBlue then WN and least Alaskan.
    Best service in the air would have to be Porter.
    Best aircraft was the Embraer 195 though I don’t like there being only one washroom. I definitely don’t like seating 3 across when travelling with 2.

    Hope you enjoyed.
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