Five baggage handling solutions that can enhance the passenger experience

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    For many passengers, the baggage process can be a source of great stress. Having to transport your bags to the airport, queuing up to check them in upon arrival, feeling anxious about whether or not the bag will arrive at the destination, and then the uncertainty if a bag is lost or misdirected all contribute to an aspect of the travel process that passengers would love to see improved.
    So, what can airlines and airports do to improve the baggage handling process from the passenger perspective? Here are our top five suggestions:

    1. Permanent bag tags

    Permanent bag tags are not a brand new concept, but they are starting to gain considerable traction. The permanent bag tag is a reusable tag that makes use of Near Field Communication (NFC) and/or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, and is designed to replace the traditional paper bag tag. While Qantas was the pioneer with its Q Bag Tag back in 2011, British Airways is currently trialling its own electronic permanent bag tag, and Vanguard ID Systems has recently launched its own permanent bag tag called ViewTag, which satisfies IATA’s standard.
    According to Rick Warther, President & CEO of Vanguard ID Systems, ViewTag is “revolutionary”. He said: “This will give data integrity to a system that has never had it before. The current technology relies on probably the worst barcode ever created. Interleaved 2 of 5 and the inherent numbering scheme currently used is seriously flawed. The airlines know this and really want a better solution with data integrity.”
    The Vanguard ID Systems solution is the result of 10 years of development, culminating in an IATA meeting along with 16 major airlines in June this year, in which a final design for ViewTag was agreed. The tag uses NFC and RFID technology – the former to change the display on the screen and the latter to allow readers to read the tag at a distance of up to 50 feet (15m).
    Warther also explained that the permanent bag tag is “backward compatible and forward capable”, meaning it wouldn’t require the industry to switch overnight from the traditional bag tags to the new alternative. “It’s a tag that can be used in the smallest airport in Africa, or the largest airport in the world,” he added.

    2. Home-printed bag tags

    It is not realistic to expect all airlines to adopt permanent bag tags in the near future, and similarly, it’s unrealistic to expect all passengers to embrace them. Therefore, an alternative to this is the home-printed bag tag, which has already been implemented by the likes of Iberia and Billund Airport. A key benefit is that it allows passengers to take more control over their own travel experience, while in theory it should also reduce queuing times at the airport, as the passenger only has to drop their bag off rather than check it in and wait for an agent to print and attach the tag.
    Marco Sansavini, Iberia’s Chief Commercial Officer, told FTE that the airline’s home-printed bag tag reduces the bag drop process to less than 30 seconds, which would surely satisfy even the most demanding of travelers.

    Read More: http://www.futuretravelexperience.c...utions-that-can-enhance-passenger-experience/#
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    One important lesson I learned LONG ago is to take note of the airport destination on the bag tag, make sure it is to the same airport your final destination. Another is to take a photo of your bag and store it in your smart phone, especially if you have one of those "unique" black bags........ Along that vein, I do mark my bags with something I can easily identify. Do not use the handle velcro tags on both handles of a bag, use it on just one. TSA will not put them back on, I have lost 3 before I figured that part out.
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    I only heard about that trick recently (what can I say, I'm a slow learner). It's a great idea! So is using your smartphone to take and store a picture of the front page of your passport - WAY easier than the old "scan it and email it to yourself" approach.

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