First VX Flight, Upgrade Questions

Discussion in 'Virgin America | Elevate' started by adambadam, Sep 16, 2011.

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    I am scheduled to take my first VX flight early next month. It is on a Saturday and the fare was just too cheap to pass over and fly UA like I usually do. Unfortuntately I am in a middle seat in MC towards the back of the plane. My hope is to upgrade to F and if not MCS at least to get some more legroom and an aisle or window.

    Is the best strategy to upgrade to MCS at the 24-hour window and then to F at the 6 (assuming space is available in both cases [it is wide open as of today])? I figure this will at least guarantee me MCS though I wanted to make sure this was doable and I would not be over paying, though it looks like the net fee is the same. Also, the 24-hour work around to get to F is dead right?

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