First time on Virgin. Tips?

Discussion in 'Virgin Atlantic | Flying Club' started by websteth, Oct 11, 2013.

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    All booked for my first trip on Virgin Atlantic in March to LGW. I'm flying premium economy from MCO direct to LGW on on my first 747. Any tips or advice for flying Virgin Atlantic? Seat advise? Thanks.
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    I haven't flown VS in years, but that was our go-to carrier when I was growing up visiting family in the UK during the summer. We always had great experiences with them, and always enjoyed the premium economy product. I think the general vibe is that they've lost some of their competitive edge of years back, but I continue to hear great things about the service. Seating wise, I haven't looked at one of their maps in a while, but they used to have premium economy on the upper deck of the LHR based 744's, I can't speak to if they still do, or if the LGW based ones have that same configuration (there's long been a battle that the LGW and LHR fleets don't match). If you can get a premium economy seat on the upper deck, certainly do that--nice and quiet, small cabin, and the crew were always supper attentive.

    Enjoy your flight! I'm actually a little jealous; this brings back some fond memories!

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