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    I've never paid the early check in fee because I always checked in exactly 24 hours in advance for my flight. I was sort of expecting an A 1 - 15 boarding pass for my first flight, and I got A 23. Ok, so maybe it would have been A 50 if I checked in on time, instead of in advance.

    What I can't understand is my A 41 BP for my connecting flight. :rolleyes:

    I'm realizing that the early boarding option is for people that won't be able to check in early. Oh well. Live and learn.

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    A1-15 is reserved for "the special people" so sometimes there may only be 1 to 14 people in the 1-15 section. I suppose when there are too many A listers or too many who pay the $12 it piles up. I've been in the upper 20s to very low 30s. You might have been higher than A41 if you checked in at T-24 w/o paying.
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