Finer points of mileage upgrades?

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    I have a few technical questions about domestic upgrades with miles -- I could probably call in, but I'm not sure I'd trust the CSR to get me the exact right answer.

    1) Does the entire RT ticket need to be in an upgradeable fare class to upgrade either of the legs? [Example, outbound is U, return is K, am I precluded from upgrade on the return?]
    2) Does an upgrade require availability on each segment of the trip leg? Example, LAX-ATL has Z available but ATL-xxx is zero. What if ATL-xxx is a 1-class regional jet?

    Thanks in advance to DL gurus. Oh, and a bonus question, is there any meaning to having separate G & Z class upgrade buckets given that DL (to my knowledge) is a 2-class carrier?

    There seems to be a lot of info on snagging awards, but miles-for-upgrade remains shrouded in mystery...
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    1. Nope, this one way or segment is fine. It is 12,500 miles each way.

    2. No, if one segment has availability you can upgrade on that and be wait-listed on the other segment or if it has no first class on the plane then you would just be upgraded on the segment that has first.
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    To amplify a bit:

    1. However, there was a report on FT of someone flying international and trying to upgrade only the domestic portion because the fare class wasn't M+ and this isn't allowed, apparently. IIRC the person was connecting or doing a stopover in Hawaii and wanted to upgrade only as far as US-HNL, not the HNL-NRT leg.

    2. If you can only upgrade on a short segment, you will be charged the full miles even if the longer leg never clears. I've been told that you can set up the wait list to be upgraded and charged only if the major leg clears.

    Bonus: Yes, all DL aircraft are two-class, except for the small RJs run by Delta Connection carriers. However, DL insists on marketing domestic continuation legs of international flights as business class rather than FC. Hence the G and V upgrade inventories. I wish DL would stop this practice as it only tends to lead to confusion and incorrect expectations.

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