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    If I go to any page, lets say the main forum index, and then search for something within the page using ctrl-f in firefox, the text it finds isn't actually on the page, but it's just beneath the page.

    As an example, go to the main forum page and ctrl-f for luxury hotels. For me, I always have to scroll down to see the text that firefox found. On any other site, the located text is always visible in the page.

    If I close the chatroom bar then I do see the located text.
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    Thanks for the heads up, this has to do with the way that FireFox scrolls to to show just what is found just above the bottom of the page, and the chat bar floats over that area so there might not be a practical way to fix this (other than the work around you have found of collapsing the cat bar or us removing the chat bar from the site.)

    I'll keep an eye out for a possible fix, but it is unlikely that there is a good way to work around this.

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