File complaints, cut the cards, sue, tell the media & Congress & anyone u know: Air travel SUCKS

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    This is it. The cartel appears to be intent on proceeding with Basic Economy and absolutely mocking the federal regulators and Congress by creating a fine tuned product that actually attacks and penalizes its own customers. Like walking into a restaurant and being offered a high chair unless you pay for a normal one. This could never be done in a competitive environment-a company that competes would face the death penalty summarily if it did the wilding airlines have already done and are planning. It is being reported that American's Basic Economy dog will leave customers behind in the events of weather and labor related disruptions. You could shut up and pay as the Sopranos would say, or you could help create a national revolt. This is the winter of discontent and it is time to tell everyone: Air travel is the pits AND IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE. File US DOT complaints, with the federal consumer protector, complaints with human rights commissions at state and local levels on the grounds of disability discrimination, discrimination against families, and against solo and plus size travelers: families will be punitively scattered about, singles and the disabled will be liable to be punished with the.worst seats on the plane. (There may be jurisdictional challenges, but damn the torpedoes!) Call class action lawyers and consumer advocates. Contact US, state and local consumer protectors. Cut up those cards that offer basically worthless miles. Touch based with DOJ Antitrust and ask them why the airlines can arrange price fixing in BROAD DAYLIGHT. Share your horror stories on social media and with everyone you know. Have no trepidation. The airlines are begging for this and richly deserve what they get. A list of contacts will follow.
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