Fight! (sort of) CDG-BEY

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    MEA Paris - Beirut Mars 12, 2012

    I will say this. The passengers and crew of this aircraft behaved just as I would expect normal, mature adults to behave when confronted with an angry gentleman in a closed space. They got between him and the gentleman whose arse he wanted to kick, very badly. They attempted to calm him down and expertly moved him away from the other gentleman then gave him the opportunity to vent before eventually persuading him to reach rapprochement with a full-on hug and a kiss on the cheek.

    Here's what didn't happen...
    There was no screaming or calling relatives telling them they were all about to die, there was no soiling of panties, no one thought the angry Arabian gentleman with the dictator moustache would blow them up, no one attempted to wrestle him to the ground, he was not jumped on, tasered, hogtied, etc. - just a normal, ordinary, attempt to pacify a normal, ordinary man who has a slight temper.
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