FFG 2012 Close-out / Breakfast Feedback / 2013 Plans

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    Frequent Flyer Giving (FFG) is pleased to announce close-out of our 2012 activities. The Directors and the United Airlines WeCare Employee Relief Fund (WeCare) are humbled by the support from those on both Flyertalk and Milepoint for the two events we helped organize this year - the IAH Mini-DO and the United DO in ORD.

    Through these two events, FFG has raised a total of $7500 for WeCare. These will go immediately to support the United employees affected by Hurricane Sandy. Over 300 requests totaling more than $700,000 of need has resulted from the damage, and so the amount raised will immediately go to supporting this. We would also like to give special recognition to Milepoint for dedicating the raffle from this year's United DO to WeCare as well.

    For the FFG/United DO, auction winners were able to go to a breakfast with several United executives on Friday morning on the Sky Deck in Willis Tower. We'd like to invite those who attended the event to provide a summary of the event and their feedback on this thread to help us improve such opportunities in the future.

    Finally, we'd like to announce that we are in the planning stages for about three hub-events in 2013 spread throughout the country. More details will be announced soon.

    Thanks again for all your support. We couldn't do these events without the generosity of those on FT and MP.

    -The FFG Directors (JC1120, J.Edward, and xyzzy)
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    I participated in the luncheon 'Do earlier in the year and this 'Do / Breakfast event too --both were a great way to interact with UA people while helping out a good cause.

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