Feedback on recent US Air flights to London

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    I'm guessing that US Airways/American are cheaping out on maintenance and repairs of non-essential items on their aircraft until the merger moves along a little further. I just did two flights to London from the US on US Air Metal.....and it was consistently bad.

    1 - The seats on both my wife's and mine did not go back at all on two different flights. Bad enough on a short flight, but on a 6-7-8-9 hour international flight....c'mon, really?

    2 - On one flight going and on 1 flight coming from London, the Media system was out completely. No videos or music available. No mention until right as we took off they came and announced it. No attempts to reboot or anything else, just a "sorry about that"

    3 - On another flight, the audio didn't work for either seat, but the video did. Useless.

    4 - On only 1 flight did the USB port work for charging, and only for 1 seat.

    I'm guessing that these repairs are being skipped for now, based on seeing this across multiple planes in both directions.

    I'd like to think they were replacing all the planes, but I don't think that's going to happen this year, so just fix these items.
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