Faster, better airport-security checkpoints not that far off

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    USA Today: Faster, better airport-security checkpoints not that far off

    Given developments over the past few years, can it really get better??? And, of course, at what cost to fees that get tacked on the fares?

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    While technology-wise this sounds very sexy, let's not forget that the TSA will be involved in this at some point. Given their penchant for wanting to intrude into our lives, whether it be through outright looking at us nude, sticking their hands down our pants, and wanting as much data on us as possible, I will reserve judgment on how "less intrusive" this might be.
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    The question becomes who's going to actually monitor those cameras, many airports already have extensive camera systems with little to no live monitoring.

    Further how do they intend to "scrutinize" a passenger carrying a bomb via a camera?

    What "repeated" security stops are there in most US airports? If I checked in online and have no bags I walk right to screening, go through to my gate and get on the plane. In some cases they perform secondary screening at the gate but they could have 2000 cameras and still need that.

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