Farmers: Get with the Program(s)!

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    We use a US Bank Flex card to purchase dairy cow feed. We use a Barclays Choice card to pay cellphone. We use other program reward cards if promotions are advertised that fit into our present or future travel plans. Here's the point (pun intended): the cows need to eat and we need to get away. Farm profit margin is slim, so let the cows and crops earn you the vacation! Farmers, you are spending so much in your business. Urge your vendors to get with the 21st century! Pay with cards and then pay off the balance each month (those interest rates are killers, but if you're current on billing now, you will be with cards, too.) We've been to Europe twice, several states with air miles (we milk 50 cows and farm 200 acres, small family farm these days). We only pay for a hotel room when it gets us extra points, otherwise it's the farm purchases that are earning us points for free rooms. Be sure to thank the people you meet when checking in, too! Sometimes, it leads to upgrades and it always leads to a great conversation about farming today.
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    Count yourself fortunate! I grew up on a family ran dairy. We never took a vacation because there would have been no one left to run the dairy! Those cows don't believe in vacations! I'm glad it works for your family. I've always said that I wouldn't trade growing up on a dairy for anything, but I don't want to own one myself for anything either!
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    Really? I would have thought they love flying cattle class. Mooooh!

    Welcome to MP, FreeFlyinFarmer!

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