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    If I fare lock an award flight 25 days before booking for 7 days and then book the fare 20-18 days before the flight, to I have to pay a close-in booking fee?
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    They let you fare-lock an award?

    (as a 1K I just book and cancel without fees, but I might be Gold next year, so I do wonder... And sorry, clearly I don't know the answer)
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    I don't think the FareLock option would show up for us as 1Ks, as we can cancel with no charge, change it with no charge and pay no close-in booking fees if we want to fly today.

    The latter is questionable, however, as I only fly Saver Awards, and there seems to be a real shortage of Economy Saver Awards the closer I am to the departure date. I have often booked Business Saver Awards because from Costa Rica to the USA they are cheaper than Economy Standard Awards. Domestically, Economy Standard requires the same number of miles as First Saver.

    While I do enjoy the many benefits of being 1K, it does irritate me to have my choice of many Economy Standard Awards, but a few less convenient options for First Saver Awards when I'm searching for a <3 hour trip within 30 days of departure. Of course I could just be unlucky. YMMV (but I doubt it!) :D

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