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    Note: This is an initial FAQs for Hyatt based upon current knowledge. Obviously, programs change their details over time, so please feel free to post clarifications / comments in the thread. We will incorporate significant ones into the first post when we have edit capabilities on the board.


    How do I sign up for Hyatt Gold Passport?
    Sign up at https://goldpassport.hyatt.com/gp/en/benefits/join.jsp
    What hotel chains are part of Hyatt Gold Passport?
    Park Hyatt (PH), Andaz, Grand Hyatt (GH), Hyatt Regency (HR), Hyatt Place (HP), Summerfield Suites (SS), Hyatt Vacation Clubs (HVC)
    What levels does the program offer their members?
    Gold is the base level
    Platinum is the mid-level elite – requires 5 stays or 15 nights in one calendar year
    Diamond is the top-level elite – requires 25 stays or 50 nights in one calendar year
    An unpublished level called Courtesy Card - requires a nomination (other criteria unpublished) - similar to UA's GS & AA's Concierge Key levels.
    What benefits are offered to members?
    Gold – 5 points per eligible $ spent - http://goldpassport.hyatt.com/gp/en/benefits/membership_gold.jsp
    Platinum – 15% bonus points, best room in category reserved, internet access for free - http://goldpassport.hyatt.com/gp/en/benefits/membership_platinum.jsp along with additional awards after every 3 stays (Stay 3 & 6: 1,000 Hyatt Gold Passport bonus points, 1,500 bonus points for dining, food & beverage welcome amenity, or a complimentary beverage, Stay 9 & 12: 1,500 Hyatt Gold Passport bonus points, 500 travel partner miles, 2,000 bonus points for dining, food & beverage welcome amenity, or a complimentary beverage, Stay 15 & 18: 2,000 Hyatt Gold Passport bonus points, 1,000 travel partner miles, Regency Club upgrade, $10 Starbucks gift card, or a complimentary beverage, Stay 21 & 24: 2,500 Hyatt Gold Passport bonus points, 1,500 travel partner miles, Regency Club upgrade, complimentary Continental breakfast, or a complimentary beverage)
    Diamond – Platinum benefits with these “improvements” 30% bonus points, upgraded room to best room including Regency/Grand Club (excluding suites), confirmed suite upgrades (4x a year on eligible paid stays subject to availability – note that these electronic certs are deposited into your account shortly after qualifying for Diamond the first time – then a set of 4 is deposited in early March of each year that you requalify), breakfast for all registered guests in room (up to 4 - note that this is for REGISTERED guests which may entail a higher charge for the room – in RC/GC if available otherwise in restaurant), welcome amenity (choice of food & beverage or 1,000 points at domestic GH & HR or 500 points at HP & SS - in "Hyatt Speak" known as 1W). Recently Hyatt introduced a 2500 point bonus (DN) in "compensation" at properties that have a RC/GC but it is temporarily closed (due to occupancy, day of the week, season etc) or so full that complimentary access for Diamonds is denied - http://goldpassport.hyatt.com/gp/en/benefits/membership_diamond.jsp . Note that the Platinum Extras certificates are not applicable to Diamonds.
    Courtesy Card - Diamond benefits plus routine upgrades to suites (including Presidentials) on lowest rates available at the property. This level used to be only for owners of Hyatt locations as well as selected people (mostly people in a position to direct "lots" of stays to Hyatt). Apparently this was expanded in July 2010 – it is still not clear what the criteria for acceptance is but seems like nomination by specific property General Manager’s are needed to get started.
    How do I find out whether or not a potential stay has a Gx bonus?
    Go to http://goldpassport.hyatt.com/hyatt...+111+108+450+449+107+106&Nu=SPIRIT_CODE&Nty=1 and input the area you are interested in (for example for all Chicago area properties, put in Illinois). Alternatively, go to a property’s Hyatt website and look under the “Special Offers” area – these bonuses are listed there as 1,000, 1,500, 2,000 point bonuses but not as Gx bonus. Note that these bonuses will not automatically post unless it’s noted on your folio at checkout so our standard advice is to request the bonuses at check-in and confirm at check-out that it is noted on the folio. Having it included in the reservation record etc doesn’t really do anything to help with posting. If all else fails, call Customer Service after the stay posts, they will almost always promptly post it cheerfully.
    Can non-guests earn points for hotel purchases (restaurant, bar, spa, etc)?
    You must be a registered guest to earn GP points (only exception is the Dining points associated with the Platinum Extras cert - which never post properly and will require a call in to Customer Service to get them manually posted – our recommendation to prevent the hassle is to just choose the “straight” point option – which is only 500 points less than the dining option).
    Ways of earning Hyatt Gold Passport Points other than hotel stays?
    There is a co-branded credit card (Visa) through Chase that generates Gold Passport points. Other than this credit card, the only ways to earn Hyatt GP points other than hotel stays are Avis and Sixt car rentals and Diners Club credit card usage. Food & Beverage spend when not a registered guest in the property do not earn points.
    Does Hyatt match the status of other hotel programs?
    Effective 11/10, Hyatt will no longer routinely match status from other hotel programs , for a while they went to a challenge plan which requires a pretty steep stay requirements the first 60-90 days. It was announced that they were discontinuing this also in favor of nomination by property General Managers. However, there have been some reports that the challenges have resumed. The situation remains unclear at this point.
    What do I need to do to choose airline miles (credits) rather than Hyatt points?
    There is no automatic way for you to choose to earn miles for your stays rather than Hyatt points. For each stay that you want to earn miles on (along with any applicable mileage promotion that may be running), you must inform the front desk at check-in that you want miles and give your airline account number. It is certainly possible that the stay will still post as points (especially at Hyatt Places). This can be easily corrected by contacting Customer Service to convert the stay to miles from points (the reverse conversion of a stay that posts as miles to points must be done very quickly before the miles are transmitted to the airline otherwise it's not possible). Choosing miles will result in not being eligible for any Gx bonus that may be running at the property. However, the Diaimond Amenity (1W) and Closed Club bonus (DN) are applicable; however, many Customer Service agents do not know how to do it and may tell you that you are not entitled - tell them that it needs to be entered as a separate entry from the stay itself.

    What stays are status perks applicable?
    Status perks are applicable to all stays – paid (all rates), award stays (points, promotional awards) and even Hotwire/Priceline – make sure your Hyatt Gold Passport membership number is attached to the reservation by calling Customer Service if the stay was not booked directly with Hyatt. The exception is the annual 4 confirmed diamond suite upgrades that are only applicable on “eligible” rate revenue stays.
    Are status perks extended to more than one room?
    While not officially in the T&Cs of the program, most properties will extend status perks to 2 rooms including upgrade, breakfast, and welcome amenity.
    What do I need to do if I’ve achieved a higher elite level prior to my stays which were previously booked?
    Hyatt’s computers attach the status at the time of reservation to the reservation record. In order to ensure that the property recognizes your upgraded status, a call to Hyatt CS or the property is required. For Platinum level, this is probably not necessary since the benefits for Platinums do not generally involve room allocation or upgrades. For Diamond level, this is pretty important since room assignments are often done before arrival especially for RC/GC upgrades and/or access.
    How do I use the 4 annual confirmed suite upgrades for Diamonds?
    These confirmed upgrades can only be used in conjunction with a revenue stay (most rates bookable directly with Hyatt qualify). Each of the confirmed upgrades may be applied to stays up to 7 days. These upgrades may only be booked for the “entry suites” as defined at the properties. Booking can only be done by calling a Diamond CSR. There are 4 properties that do not participate in these confirmed suite upgrades: Park Hyatt Beaver Creek, Park Hyatt Sydney, Hyatt Regency Kyoto, Hyatt Regency Paris Madeleine. It has been confirmed that these Confirmed Suite Upgrades are usable for stays beyond the 2/28 expiration date provided that they are confirmed prior to 2/28. However, any change or cancellation of the reservation will result in the loss of that Confirmed Upgrade Certificate.

    What are “eligible” rate revenue stays?
    All revenue stays booked directly with Hyatt (on hyatt.com) are “eligible” – this includes prepaid, “packages”, Senior, AAA, Corporate rates – this has been confirmed with GP executives (and they are aware that problems exist especially with “packages” and Travelzoo rates). Whether or not a stay is “eligible” is crucial for promotions (bonus points, various other promotions that are run on occasion such as Faster Free Nights (FFN)). Unfortunately, stays booked through a third party (Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz – and other booking sites) are not eligible for stay credit / points.
    What are “eligible” charges?
    Eligible charges are room rates (if booked with Hyatt) and incidentals (should include room upgrade charges) that are not paid to third party providers (food & beverage are normally eligible while parking rarely is).
    What is a definition of a stay?
    A stay is defined as any number of consecutive nights at one property whether the nights are booked under one reservation or multiple reservations. In maximizing stay credits (for qualification/requalification of status or for promotions that are dependent on stays such as FFN) you can utilize the same property but not on consecutive nights (eg for 3 nights you can alternate properties A B A to obtain 3 stay credits). Award stays (either regular points or promotional free nights) do not earn stay credits.
    You cannot earn more than 1 stay credit per night no matter how many rooms you pay for (you will earn the points for multiple rooms if you are paying for them) or how many properties you are paying for that night (however, if you are able to convince a CSR why there was a good reason why you were in 2 properties for the same night (eg you were already checked into a property on the East Coast but had to travel to the West Coast and checked into another property there), you may get 2 stay credits that night).
    Do you have to physically check-in for a stay to be eligible?
    Yes you must physically check-in (doing web check-in or 800-check-in is not sufficient - you need to check-in at the property either front desk or kiosk and get the keys) for a stay to be "eligible" for points / stay credit (and therefore any promotions that may be running such as the Faster Free Night type of promotions - bonus miles / points etc). It doesn't matter if the stay is pre-paid or you've checked in via the internet or 800-check-in - if you do not physically check-in, may be considered a "phantom" stay (or a "no show") and not earn you stay credit / points and all that implies.
    Do you have to physically check-out of the property for the stay to be eligible?
    No you do not need to do this (unlike physically checking in). For properties that participate in web check-in/out, you can checkout via the internet in the morning and you should receive a folio in your email. Some people call the property to checkout. Doing either checkout via internet or telephone is usually a good idea so that the room that you "occupied" can be checked and cleaned so that its ready for the next guest (who could be arriving early to check-in). However, if you aren't able to do this (or the property doesn't participate in the internet check-in/out like Hyatt Place or Summerfield Suites), they'll automatically check you out when housekeeping checks the room and finds it vacated / not occupied). It can be risky if you are doing a multi-night “stay” but not actually physically occupying the room since they could automatically check you out upon inspection and the room appears to be unoccupied.
    What effect does Hyatt Gift Certificates have on stay eligibility / points?
    Payment using $ denominated Hyatt Gift Checks or Gift Cards have no effect on stay eligibility / points (this depends on the underlying reservation). Stays utilizing Stay Certificates (booked using the stay certificate codes) are not considered “eligible” and therefore will not earn stay credit or points (except for incidentals that earn points).

    Are there capacity control on awards?
    Hyatt, in April 2009, eliminated capacity control on awards so the new rules are if the basic entry level room is available for revenue bookings (excluding elite guaranteed availability bookings) they are available for award redemption. However, a property may declare “extraordinary demand” period or require a large number of nights as a minimum stay and opt out (eg Park Hyatt Sydney for the period around New Year’s).
    Can you book awards for more than 1 night and/or more than one room?
    There is no restriction for "regular" award reservations using points - you can even "give" an award to a family member / friend by booking the award in their name (however you cannot do this online - a telephone call is required). For certain promotional awards (like Faster Free Night type promotions), they are not transferable to another person (even if its a family member - there are some work arounds that may work but can be risky) but is sharable (you may book 2 or more rooms using your promotional awards provided that you are personally occupying one of the rooms). You may book awards for any block of nights that you desire; however, in recent rounds of Faster Free Nights there is a software glitch that requires these awards to be booked one night at a time (eg you cannot book a range of dates even though each individual night is available - they must be booked individually - some Reservations agents may not be aware of this and claim that the award nights are not available - ask them to check the nights individually). Apparently, the rewards generated by obtaining the Chase Hyatt Visa card are subject to this also, please remind the agent when attempting to book that they may need to check nights individually.
    How much ahead of a stay do awards need to be booked?
    Assuming that there is availability per the above criteria, an award stay may be booked at anytime prior to a stay (even minutes before checking in). Prior to 8/10, if an award is booked less than 7 days prior to arrival, booking the award can only be done by telephone and not by website. Since 8/10 this requirement is no longer in place and the awards (either points or promotional night awards like FFNs) are now immediately deducted (compared to the prior method which we believe is done manually by the property itself).
    What are “Passport Plus” awards?
    These were awards for elite members (Platinum & Diamonds) that “cost” an extra 60% in points when awards are not available at the base level for the property since all “entry level” rooms are sold out. These awards should not be bookable anymore even though they may still show up if the "regular" award rooms are sold out.
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    This is a very useful post. It needs to become a sticky.
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    Regarding eligibility of stays, the FAQ says: "You cannot earn more than 1 stay credit per night no matter how many rooms you pay for (you will earn the points for multiple rooms if you are paying for them) or how many properties you are paying for that night . . . ."

    Even though you cannot earn credit for 2 stays if staying at two properties on one night, can you earn credit for 2 nights if you are staying at two properties on the same night?
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    Sorry for being unclear but I was focusing on stays (and not nights) in the FAQs since Hyatt promos used to focused on stays (and most of us here requalify for status by stays). I would have to say that you only earn 1 stay credit and / or 1 night credit for stay(s) on one night no matter how many rooms you have or how many properties you are "staying" in. However, occasionally there may be a slip up and you can get credit for more than 1 stay / night for stays on a particular night, don't count on it however.

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