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Discussion in 'United Airlines | MileagePlus' started by KenInEscazu, Oct 11, 2012.

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    I had a great UA Premier phone agent help me figure a way out of a jam back in May. I have always thought that both UA and CO had the best reps (overall) in the business, but this woman is over the top outstanding.

    I had another challenging situation occur Monday night, and she answered my call again. The first call was before the employee recognition program was in place, so I wrote a commendation email to UA to compliment her performance to her superiors. She rose far above average again Monday night, and I ended up spending more money than I had set as my limit just because she had gone so far to help me.

    This time I nominated her for the recognition award. It's people like her that kept me around during the turmoil of the transition. I have written one email complaining about how I was treated by a UA employee this year, but I can't nominate every excellent one I have run across, as they have a limit on how many we can enter per quarter.

    It seems to me that service is improving. If they can get it together and keep hiring exceptional people, they will have survived what looked like a suicide attempt for a while this year. I hope they do, as the other thing that has kept me around is the experience I have had with my other options among their competition. While UA reached the lowest (or lower) common denominator for a while, and they still have lots of room for improvement, I'm starting to feel like there is hope that I may actually end up liking them again.
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