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    Finished a two day stay at this Fairmont in April. Service was very good all-around. Some problems with the room, but all corrected satisfactorily.

    Arrived, found that parking is mandatory valet. Booked a rate that included parking, which was nice. Service was fast, and all the valets were really nice throughout the weekend. Good impression already. They also asked for my name because they also prepare keys for guests so they can skip the check-in procedure. My rooms weren't finished yet, so they didn't have the keys ready.

    Checked in via the Fairmont President's Club line. Fast. I booked three rooms, and they worked hard to accommodate the rooms on the same floor near each other. One of the rooms wasn't ready yet, but since the rest of the family wasn't checking in for another hour or two, I told them to take their time.

    Room was nice. Some of the furniture was scraped, but not too badly. Amenity was a fruit plate. Unfortunately the orange had gone bad (but you couldn't tell until you opened it). The amenities at other rooms were dried fruits and nuts, which were good. Turndown service arrived in due course, lady was nice. When we weren't available, they left little message cards letting us know they had come through and to contact them for services if needed. Fairmont Fit stuff was ready to go upon arrival.

    Some problems. Door to the suite failed, and had to have someone drill the door. Service was fast, and they were apologetic. There was a loud creaking sound coming from the bathroom vent, which was quite audible from the living room in the suite. Some of the fixtures were showing their age.

    Did not get to try the food, as we were running around town most of the time. Pool looked nice. Didn't get to see the fitness center. Business center looked nice, and you could print boarding passes for free.

    Overall, a very enjoyable stay. Thank you Fairmont Newport Beach! Good impressions of Fairmont so far.
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    Thanks for the insightful and very informative +/- review!:)

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