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    I am not a chronic complainer, but I was truly surprised last night at the Fairfield Inn and Suites in Scarborough, Maine. When staying at Marriott properties, I usually stay at Marriotts, Renaissance, Courtyards and once in a while, the Ritz. So I expected the Fairfield Inn to be slightly below the Courtyard.

    First, when I checked in, the very pleasant clerk at the front desk told me I was already checked-in and asked if I needed another key. I told her, that I had just arrived and could not have checked in. She dispatched someone to verify that no one was in the room, which I appreciated. She told me I would enjoy the room since the hotel had just been renovated.

    My room was of the accessible variety (which I am glad they have, but don't enjoy myself). That I could overlook, but I was dismayed at the results of the renovation: yes, everything was new-ish, but it was of low quality. The fitted sheet on the bed looked like it was for a queen sized bed and all night I found myself sleeping on the uncovered and not too plush mattress topper. The "duvet" was about an inch thick and looked like it had been wadded up before being stretched back on the bed. The towels were very small and very thin; think large dish towel. Other than the lack of proper linens, the room was functional, so I did not ask to be moved. Still, as I check out this morning, I am left feeling that I stayed in a Motel 6 for 3-4 times the price.

    So, here is my question. Is this normal for Fairfield Inns? Are there brand standards that support this, or is management skimping on the linens and things? I get product differentiation, but this quality hotel really doesn't belong in any upscale chain.
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    Actually, no. While admittedly FI's aren't the Ritz, I have found very few to be of the level you describe. Some of my "best" stays have been at FI's....am never sure if it is because my expectations are low, or the hotel is really above average! There is one absolute exception...the Fairfield Inn in Hazelton, PA. This hotel delivered coffee to the room in the AM, a full library of movies to borrow, certs for free appetizers at the restaurant in their parking lot...and a handwritten thank you note when I returned home! This manager should be cloned...
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    Given a choice between Courtyards and Fairfield Inn I will almost always choose Fairfield Inn. All the Fairfield's I've stayed at have been pretty good. I'd even go as far as to say that some have been exceptional. I've probably been lucky since most of the Fairfield's I stayed at seemed to be recently renovated. Breakfast typically isn't a big spread but is more than adequate.
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