Fairfield by Marriot - Lake City, FL

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    I had a Marriott account from way back that I never used, and the point balance is just enough to make you seasoned pros giggle. I rarely book hotels but had a few upcoming trips requiring them, so I figured I'd dust off my pathetic points and start using Marriott again.

    I had to drive quite a few states away today, and I didn't want to have to turn around and drive the same distance back overnight. I booked the Fairfield Inn & Suites and requested a specific floor. I was told that as long as two-night bookings didn't appear before my arrival, it should be okay (since I only booked tonight). The lady who helped me previously confirmed the day of my arrival that she made sure I received the room I wanted via telephone. Through casual conversation I found out what kind of wine she liked. So on my way to check in, I stopped at the store and bought her two of the best bottles I could find as a way of thanks. She upgraded me to a suite even though I never asked. :D

    It's nice when the little unexpected things make a trip easier. Especially when working all weekend - not fun.

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