Fact check: for SmarterrTravel itsnot about supply and demand it is about price fixing and collusion

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    Another article aimed at a hoped for audience of imbeciles. Air fare is going up because of supply and demand. Huh? At even a high price there would be enormous demand for donestic air travel. In fact this is how air travel works today:
    Wall Street demands stupefying profits
    Airline execs burn the village to get those profits
    They are rewarded with shameful compensation.
    The cartel divides up the country amongsf itself.
    Actual demand is examined with big data
    Then seats are reduced to the barest minimum thaf will yield pig out profits
    The needs of the airlines predominate
    Times, connections, planes are all on a take it or leave it basis
    Need a flight later than 8pm and only one carrier flies route you are s o l if they dont have it and you are in of hundreds of airports wo competition.
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