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  1. Here is a hilarious post written by David W on the the "AA Exec Platinum Flyers" Facebook group page:

    David Wilson

    So here I am sitting in Y. I can't remember the last time I sat in Y on AA metal (ex eagle). It really is not me. I am shaking. My nerves are shot. And my eyes are twitching uncontrollably. But I understand. It is CES out if Vegas and AA sold F seats. Congratulations AA you won (this time). Now, to the 140 other people in Y, here are my requirements for traveling with someone who should not be on this side of the curtain:
    1. 16D. Please stop coughing. It is annoying. You paid for 1 seat so keep your germs in 16d.
    2. To the lady with the 2 kids each rolling their own My little Pony roller board. You are back by the engines. There is no need to stop at each row and look at the seat number. When you hit the back of the plane, look left and that is your seat.
    3. To the friendly FA who keeps announcing to put 1 bag under your seat. Yeah right. My 2 bags are stowed in the overhead. I don't really want to put my bookbag down on this carpet which looks like it has Boston market carver Sandwich remnants ground into it.
    4. I am so using the bathroom upfront.
    5. To the guy that jut walked by saying "give me a f'n break.". Welcome to my hell. You must also be a displaced EXP. we can go to therapy together when we hit DFW.
    6. Speedstick is on sale this week at target. Stop by and pick some up.
    7. To the hot guy in the pink shirt. It is 5:42am. Take your damn sunglasses off.
    8. With all of these people standing in the aisles, how are the Fa's going to do pre-departure beverages back here.
    9. Wow. It is true that overhead bins do get full back in economy. They aren't lying.
    10. Just shoot me now.
  2. DestinationDavid
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    Who doesn't love a good rant? ;)

    Welcome to MP.
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    #3 - great candidate for the award winning radio segment "You're an ass if..."
    #7 - if it's a flight out of LAS, I'm sure the guy is just a bit hung over with a current BAC of .027
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    I see #7 far too often, and it's not just on flights in and out of LAS. My pet peeve is the people flying ANC-SEA and connecting to IAH who seem to be carrying not just a roll-a-board and an overfull personal item, but also an entire freakin' bed so they can nap.
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    #8 - guy is going through LAS detox -- quick someone get him a drink! <and maybe #7's phone number> :p
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    I've had one blown upgrade this year finally... on a DFW-IAH leg. Go figure...

    What really sucks is if that's the "direct" LAS-(LAX)-DFW flight. :)
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    I can relate! Except for #3. When in Y (and usually even in F) I put my computer bag under the seat in front, even though the carpet does look nastier than nasty. CF #9.
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    Re #3: I guess we all have different standards. Yesterday I had an apple that I'd picked up in the AC; I dropped it and it rolled under the seat in front of me. I barely thought twice about picking it up and eating it anyway later in the flight. (Well, I did think twice about it - that's why I remember that it happened. But I did eat it.)
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