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    A local nurse and doctor are good people to have on board an airplane.

    Dr. Evan Goldfischer, a urologist and managing partner at Premier Medical Group in the City of Poughkeepsie, and nurse Kim Secord, Premier’s clinical research manager, helped a flight attendant who became ill Oct. 27 en route to Las Vegas, according to the medical group.

    “We were going to a research conference in Vegas,” said Goldfischer.

    An announcement was made, asking if medical personnel were on the plane. A 33-year-old flight attendant was complaining of lightheadedness, dizziness and excruciating head pain, Goldfischer said.

    “She didn’t actually go unconscious, but she certainly began to pass out and had to be laid down on the floor,” he said.

    The woman had low blood pressure and a quickened pulse, in addition to severe head pain and vomiting. Goldfischer and Secord, who had worked as a recovery room nurse at Vassar Brothers Medical Center, got the attendant’s medical history and administered medicine from the plane’s medical kit, Goldfischer said.
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