F16 Tour @ Buckley Air Force Base

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    Earlier this evening, I received an email informing me that the videos I shot of our tour of Buckley Air Force Base and our guided walkaround of an F16 had been approved. I tried to upload them to Milepoint TV, but they’ve been consistently rejected because of some kind of unrecognized URL issue. So, here they are with their YouTube links. Fair warning, each one is about 15 minutes or so, but this is the just about unadulterated tour that we received. Certain very short cuts were made because....

    Arrival at Buckely:

    1st Part of the Walkaround:

    2nd Part of the Walkaround:

    Firing of the Engine and Last Questions:

    Yes, the approvals took much longer than expected. Nevertheless, I appreciate the efforts and the time all members of the military gave on our behalf, from the tour itself through the approval process of these vids.

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