Expired Elite Status, still get benefits?

Discussion in 'American Airlines | AAdvantage' started by Maxwell, Dec 20, 2014.

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    I booked a flight on AA when I was a OneWorld Emerald member (BA silver). My status has since been downgraded to Ruby (BA bronze), but my itinerary is still showing that I get 2 free checked bags. I called in to confirm and was told I only get 1 free bag, despite what my reservation says. An extra bag would be nice but I'm not sure whether to risk it at the airport. Does anyone have experience with this situation?
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    I would expect the baggage allowance to be based on your status the day of your flight not at booking.
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    +1 The information issued at the time you made your reservation was based on your status at that time, and may not pull your new status when you access it even after the downgrade (especially if it's partner status on an AA reservation); however, your status on the day of travel is what dictates which benefits you are eligible for. In some airports the AAgents are very flexible and you might get away with showing up and trying to use your previous status for a second free bag, but if you try that I'd also be ready to pay for it.

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