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    I was thinking about limited-time offers like hotel specials, 48-hour sales, etc. What if the OP could control the expiration of threads like that so that, say, I post about a 48-hour sale Hyatt is having, ending Feb 11 at 1200 CST -- could I set the thread to "expire" at that time right when I'm posting it, so that at that time (1200 CST on Feb 11), it would go to some Netherworld of "expired" deals -- still searchable, etc., but out of the thread stream bothering everyone? People could discuss the deals, later, but they'd be in a different place.
  2. They have this feature on FWF in hot deals. Frankly, it gets to be annoying switching back and forth. Also, there might be very active discussion about a deal once it is "officially" dead. You would want that discussion to be prominent, not stuck in some netherworld.

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