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    Not sure if this belongs here, and if it doesnt, my apologies, hopefully someone can point me in the right way. I just got an expert flyer premium subscription. However, when I look at AA flights, there is never any availability for C class fares. I even called AA Plat desk, and they confirmed the dates/flights I was looking at had C class fares.

    Does anyone with experience with expert flyer know if that is the best tool to look at AA upgrade availability? If so, how is it that none of the flights I ever look at have any availability? Is there another, better tool to use?
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    ExpertFlyer does show AA upgrade inventory, including C class, and is the only source for that information. As we mentioned when we replied to your email on the subject, you have to use the Award & Upgrade search tool to see the AA award/upgrade inventory classes.

    Sometimes, AA will only return C0 (no C inventory available) for 2 flights and then stop. This is AA's way of telling you that no flights that day have C inventory available. Also make sure that C is the correct class for the flights you are looking for. If there is no Business class on the flight (an upgrade from Coach -> First) then the upgrade class is A not C. If you need help with a specific search, please email us the details of the search.

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