Experiences in Lost Bag Compensation?

Discussion in 'United Airlines | MileagePlus' started by Explore, May 2, 2014.

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    Some questions about likely UA reimbursement for a relatively low value item checked by a 1K:

    - Not located in over a week, UA says to fill out claim form
    - Reported loss immediately after arrival, given reference number
    - Single item under $100, in UA-supplied plastic bag
    - On lengthy list of items that UA says they're not liable for (Swiss Army Knife)

    In people's actual experience, how is UA likely to handle this for a 1K?

    - Wait full 45 days before responding?
    - Deny claim based on article type? Note: not advised of exclusion when item was checked. Item displayed to ticket counter staff.
    - Issue monetary check for stated value of item?
    - Issue check for lesser amount?
    - Issue travel or upgrade voucher instead?

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    My only experience with this was when they destroyed two bags coming in from Costa Rica. They arrived at DFW in big plastic bags. I didn't lose much in terms of value of items inside, but the bags were irreparable.

    After weeks of broken promises, including a screw up by Rynn's to deliver two replacements to LGA on my next trip north, I finally gave up and purchased to B&R's at a luggage outlet in Orlando at the end of the trip. I got great prices on them, but they were still much pricier than the bags they replaced.

    I would have replaced them with identical bags of a much lower cost, but this was right when UA stated cracking down on dimensions. My old ones were 66" (if fully stuffed - they were soft), and I had struggled with 3 supervisors trying to charge me oversize charges, even though they weren't full. I was getting tired of that.

    UA, to their credit, finally sent me a check for the reimbursement of the two new B&Rs, and I love them, even though they are more than 4 inches smaller than the old ones they replaced. Much better quality and easier to cart around, although slight less functional in terms of what they would hold.

    Nothing is easy anymore. UA broke one of my B&R bags on my trip today, and they had no loaners, so while the broken bag isn't perfect, I would rather use it until my next trip where I hope to be able to leave it so that they can loan me something to use while it is being repaired.
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    Domestic or International?

    Domestic : UA's liability is north of $2K.
    Intl : Shy of $800

    For intl I usually purchase / have coverage because of this low limit. I travel with a Rimowa bag that can't be replaced by the low limit, let alone the stuff in it.
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    Do you have the mileage plus explorer card? If you do they will compensate you for lost/stolen/damaged goods. Just a thought.

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