Experiences changing award retun flights under 72 hr window?

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    Today I tried to change a return flight on a RT award ticket when I was under 72 hrs for departure, but return is a week or more away.

    At first the agent quoted the websites verbiage for the 72 hr rule. I responded that this return flight was not within T-72. She put me on hold for a long while to see if they could make an "exception". She came back and said that as a PM/DM you can change rerun flight if > 72 hrs, but not until after you complete outbound.

    This experience correlates with what a few people said on the "other" forum. Just hadn't experienced it first hand with SMS.

    What have you all encountered with T-72 and return flight changes? Was it easy? Or was it a production that made you feel "lucky" for an "exception"? Or were you just denied?

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