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    Imagine a flight search designed specifically to help you earn more miles and awards by incorporating all of the bonus deals from your loyalty programs directly into your search experience? Imagine never wondering if you are leaving money on the table each time you travel? Imagine not having to visit a bunch of websites to see if there are any deals related to the place you are going and the programs in which you are a member…

    Imagine no more, it is here! UsingMiles is very excited to announce the first ever travel search engine completely focused on YOU and your LOYALTIES!


    With deals and benefits customized to your personal loyalty program memberships, status, and travel destination, this powerful aggregation of data allows you to make more informed travel decisions that maximize the miles and points you accrue with every trip. The search delivers dozens of loyalty program bonus deals and benefits for each flight search, allowing for easy comparison, smart, easy decision-making, and more miles and points when you travel!


    “The average household belongs to 18 different loyalty programs,” said Jon Nordmark, UsingMiles CEO. “These programs are constantly offering members new opportunities to earn more points and miles. But there is such a mountain of constantly-changing bonus deals and benefits, and so many frequent flyer emails and mailings, a consumer would have to spend hours and hours every week trying to keep track of them all.”

    The simplicity of the UsingMiles dashboard, organized with your needs in mind, makes it easy to view all your loyalty programs in one place, see points that are expiring, and see how close you are to reaching status. This information is then fed into your search and becomes an invaluable source to maximize your loyalty rewards, ultimately saving everyone money!


    In the near future, we plan to expand and offer bonus deals beyond travel, which would include restaurant, retail, daily deals and more. For example, loyalty members of OpenTable may receive deals from their favorite restaurants when they are traveling.

    We here at UsingMiles are in constant pursuit of tailoring our program to each user and what matters most to you. With a deep understanding of the value of these loyalty programs and the currencies associated with them, we will continue to offer value to our customers in ways others have never before!

    Not a member? Learn more or sign up here! If you already track all of your loyalty programs with us, try out our NEW travel search here to take full advantage of your savings!

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