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    Hi All,

    Last week I submitted a Credit Dispute with Experian about a State Tax Lien on my report which I fully paid 8 years ago, and I have the document to prove it. The online dispute only allows 120 characters to state your case.

    At the time, they said they will process the dispute within 30 to 45 days and notify me when the dispute is complete. Today I received an email that the dispute was complete (only 5 business days later). Here was the result:

    • Outcome: Processed

    WTF? The definition of 'Processed' is this: This item was either updated or deleted; review this report to learn its outcome.

    So, I read the report and nothing is different from before the dispute.

    I read the details of the dispute:
    • This information is generally removed seven years from the initial missed payment that led to the delinquency. A paid tax lien may remain for up to seven years.

    What's going on? I paid this tax lien more than 8 years ago, and the whole point of the dispute was to remove it. It doesn't look like the dispute accomplished a single thing. Does anyone have any advice?

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