Expedia Gets Creative With the Affluent Traveller

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    If over 80% of around 10 million affluent customers are willing to pay over $400 for a hotel room, then understanding exactly what they are looking for and targeting accordingly really can make a difference. Little wonder then that Expedia has the spotlight on this target group.

    As the biggest online travel site in the world, Expedia attracts a variety of demographic groups, one of which happens to be the luxury segment. In fact the company has recently found that 21% of its audience fit into this category, ranging in age from 25-54 with an income of more than $100,000.

    As this affluent traveller looks for compelling experiences, an insight into their profile target group is vital. And this is exactly what Expedia aims to achieve. “We’ve done a lot of research to better understand what our customers are looking for, and where, and have used these insights to inform our product offerings on the site,” Noah Tratt, global vice president of Expedia Media Solutions. Just one example of this is in the cruise area of the site where a search for ‘luxury cruises’ will deliver targeted customised results. “We have a comprehensive advertising strategy that encompasses all segments, but because we’re the largest online travel site, naturally we’re going to get a large number of luxury travellers just based on sheer value.”

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