Expansion Plans for Heathrow Airport Are Grounded

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    The New York Times

    The London Journal

    Expansion Plans for Heathrow Airport Are Grounded for Now

    Heathrow Airport will spend 1.8 million pounds, about $2.9 million, to build “super adobe” domes, designed for earthquake zones in Asia and Africa, at 21 British schools to protect children from the noise of the third busiest airport in the world.

    Four of the domes, consisting of plaster walls and coiled bags of earth, are already in use at the Hounslow Heath Infant and Nursery School, where airplanes coming in to land pass fewer than 200 yards overhead and in busy times, arrive or leave every 60 seconds, crisscrossing the sky.
    The domes look like hobbit homes...

    See the full story here:

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    Bit of a silly article really, and bad timing using that headline when the plans have gained more traction in the last week than for many years past. Also, let's not forget that most of the infrastructure around Heathrow is there because Heathrow is there, and most of the people who live around it have moved to the area after Heathrow became a major airport.

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