Exec lounge, rainbow Tower Hilton Hawaiian Village.

Discussion in 'Hawaii' started by straitman, Feb 5, 2011.

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    Most reviews I write are very much in a positive note but, at the risk of being shot down, I have to comment on the breakfast in the Exec Lounge, Rainbow Tower at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.

    We were there in November and unless it has changed we would not bother with a breakfast there again. We had 'breakfast' there on the first morning of our stay, thought that it must have been just an apparition and did not bother again.

    Location - good,
    Fruit juice - good,
    Coffee - good,
    A choice of three extremely sweet cereals - bad,
    A cake that they called bread - bad,
    Fruit that mostly was not ripe - bad,
    Hard boiled eggs by themselves (not even an egg cup) - bad.

    We like the Village but not the Lounge Breakfast.
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    We were there the end of February, and I agree 100%. We were there in January 2010, and it was much better then.

    ETA: We used to love the Continental breakfast when you could have pretty much whatever you wanted at the beach bar.

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