Excess Baggage Charges...And the WInners are...

Discussion in 'General Discussion | Travel' started by rwoman, Sep 27, 2011.

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    Hi All,

    I did not see this posted already:

    American Airlines charges $450 for just one oversize bag

    Glad I get two for free...the article also discusses charges by other carriers. Top 5:
    1. AA
    2. CO
    3. UA
    4. DL
    5. US

    Glad I do not have to pay for bags and try to pack light!!

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    "Just for having large bags"? - 70 pounds plus is huge, and you're getting into special handling requirements.

    I think it's perfectly reasonable to expect people to pack bags of a reasonable size. Who wants to haul around a 70+ pound behemoth anyway? Big fees for huge bags are likely as much about encouraging people to pack smaller bags as it is about collecting the fee.

    It seems like it's become the favorite game of various media outlets to sensationalize the growth of airline fees by picking out big numbers and running with it.
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    I have vastly overpacked some bags in the past and still barely hit 40 pounds. I shipped 12 bottles of wine and it was under 40 pounds. Whatever you do to reach 70 pounds must be extreme.

    My future mother-in-law travels with two very large bags, one for shoes, on trips of less than a week. I don't know why. On the same trip my girlfriend and I shared a single carry-on.
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