Evidence of fear of the crowd among DL SM management...

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    "Dear FlyerTalk Community. Delta confirms that we are aware of an issue with awards shopping results and we are investigating with utmost urgency. We will post another update on Wednesday 2/25 once we can provide greater guidance. Thank you."

    Hahaha! This is awesome! They're being called on their pricing shena by the collective data sourcing of their own FF. Normal ops are majorly disrupted. The SM team provides no communications even via their tame channels for months, while scrubbing the DL Twitter feed religiously and hourly of "best in class" commentary, and then suddenly, OMG!! Capt'n, thar she blows!!

    As someone said, it's time for a mass of complaints to US AG as well as other regulatory agencies about discriminatory pricing. Even if readers take the position that FFP are not the objects of regulation, if DL is doing this for awards, then what stops them applying this same logic to revenue tickets? How can we, the consumers, be sure this isn't already happening? The intent, infrastructure and capacity clearly exists and this evidence proves it. So it's time for some serious investigation of revenue pricing mechanisms.

    This latest cookie-jar response demonstrates the degree to which DL has sunk. Normal complaints about their banditry are met with unctuous responses from the SM Media Team. Hard data that might prompt regulatory agency intervention, now that's a different story.

    To the DL SM management: you took the actions that have destroyed consumer trust in your program and your intent. You have only just started to see the results. You don't need to be concerned about the short run. Consumer anger at airline anti-competitive and market manipulating practices is ramping up rapidly, for all sorts of reasons. The outcomes of the recent merger spate have been much worse for consumers than stated in the applications.

    SM Media Team: Chow on this message. Support for OpenSkies is the final remedy for the increasingly discriminatory and cabalistic DL activities. They're not only evident from DL, I agree, your former-competitors, and new-cabal-buddies UA are up to some of the same tricks but let's face it, they are new at this game. They learn from you. Your fleecing tactics, long-incubated in the keen mind of the Jeffster and thoroughly tested on the previously-tame SM Medallion cohorts, are:

    [​IMG]mejor en su clase[​IMG]

    When OS happens, which is now a significantly more realistic prospect than it was five years ago, you DL Social Media Borgs had better be ready to switch jobs to FR, EK or TK Media.... don't forget, when you work for TK, you can't wear un-approved lipstick shades....o, wait, the ATLBorg already determines that too?.... well, then, you should welcome OpenSkies too! OS are good for everyone, consumers and sector workers. After all, if you end up working for MOL, there are even bonuses for posing for his calendar...:p
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